My friend, Billy F Gibbons is an artist. A music artist. You might know him from ZZ Top fame. But he is also a car guy too. Now, I have lots of friends who are car guys–in fact most of my friends are car guys. I like hanging out with car guys. They buy tires. And they like what I like. Billy plays a mean blues guitar, and has some outstanding rods and customs including famous icon cars like Kopperhead, CadZilla, and the famous Eliminator Coupe. Billy is a hot-rodder, but he is more than just a music artist, he is a car artist.


Recently he sent me pictures of one of his latest rolling art creations, which he calls a Bus Ball. I thought his creation looked pretty cool, but the more I looked at his newly completed "Bus Ball", the more I was bothered. So, I sent Billy a message to ask him the obvious question. Where’s the dang tires? Really… a life long tire guy would surely ask that wouldn’t ya think? So, Billy knowing I was funnin’ him, responded that “the Coker skins [wide whites, of course], are stashed in the boot.! Sort of a James Bond arrangement where the tires unfold when required. By the way, the gas mileage is superb and the wind-resistance factor is greatly improved over the original design. “


I was satisfied. I was no longer worried that my friend Billy F Gibbons would do a car art thing (ok, ok… bus ball thing) without thinking of the wide whitewalls. Glad I got that straightened out.

By the way, Billy is finishing up his 1960 Cadillac for a gig at the Houston Rodeo soon. If you see ZZ TOP at the Houston Rodeo say howdy to him from me!

From the road,

Corky Coker